Churchill Mk IV - "Heavy Armor"

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The Churchill Mk IV was a British infantry tank. It was one of the heaviest tanks used by the Allies during World War II. It had a unique appearance featuring multiple bogies and large, all-around tracks. It is perhaps, best known for its heavy armor along with the ability to climb steep slope. It was one of the heaviest Allied tanks of the war.

The Churchill's design developed from experience during the First World War which placed emphasis on the ability to cross difficult terrain. Early versions of the tank were flawed but the Churchill was steadily improved during the course of the war. The Mark IV was the most numerous version produced.

The Churchill was versatile and proved adaptable to special uses. Several specialized Churchill variants, Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE), were developed mainly for combat engineering roles and were known as” Hobart’s Funnies”. They were used extensively during the D-Day invasion and saw widespread action in Normandy. Churchills were able to cross the muddy ground and force through the forests of the Reichswald. Reports from the time expressed the opinion that no other tank would have performed as well under the same conditions.