M4A3E8 Sherman - "Forces of Liberty"

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The M4 Sherman was the primary tank of allied forces in World War II. Originally equipped with a 75mm gun, the Sherman was a match for German armor early in the war. Against the more advanced Tiger and Panther tanks however, the Sherman was outgunned. Late in the war, the Sherman was uprated with a larger and more powerful gun with the muzzle velocity to penetrate German armor. Still, it took real guts and steady nerves to take a Sherman into battle against a Panther or Tiger.
This depiction is of the late war versions of the Sherman; the M4A3E8 with the HVSS suspension and the 76mm gun. I added a couple of Mustangs making a low pass. The combination of air power and armor was unstoppable in 1945. Hence the title, "Forces of Liberty".