F-106 Delta Dart - 5th FIS

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Designed as a high altitude and high speed interceptor during the "Cold War", the F-106 Delta Dart was universally loved by all pilots who flew her. Known affectionately as "The Six", the Delta Dart still holds the official speed record for a single engine jet aircraft at 1525.96 MPH set by Major Joe Rogers in December of 1959. The F-106 featured an internal weapons bay in which the primary armament of AIM-4 Falcon missiles and AIR-2 "Genie" nuclear tipped rocket were carried. The Six served from 1959 to 1981 with the US Air Force and until 1988 with Air National Guard units. This painting features the Six in the markings of the 5th FIS.

We have this print available in the markings of many different unit including the 87th FIS, 27th FIS, 318th FIS, 94th FIS. Please contact us if you are interested in this print in the markings of one of these or another unit.