Junkers Ju 388L - "Stratosphere Recon"

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The Junkers JU 388 Störtebeker was based on the versatile Ju 88 airframe and the Ju 188 evolution of that frame. It was intended for use in multiple roles including night fighter, bomber destroyer and reconnaissance. The Ju 388L model depicted here is the reconnaissance version. Developed late in the war, the Ju 388L was built in small numbers (about 47 machines being produced). It was undergoing extensive testing and was not yet deployed at the war's end. None the less, the JU 388 was an excellent machine with maximum boost speed of 407 MPH and a service ceiling of 44,095 feet. I have long wanted to paint this aircraft which I think is one of the best looking of its era. This artwork depicts the Ju 388L at high altitude with Me 262 jet fighter escort.