AAR Eagle 7200 Offenhauser - "Gordy's Ride"

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Founded by Dan Gurney and Carroll Shelby, All American Racers designed and built racing cars famously known as Eagles. The Eagle 7200 was designed by Roman Slobodynskyj and was perhaps the pinnacle of the AAR Eagle cars. 

During testing in December of 1971, the car proved immediately fast with driver Bobby Unser breaking the lap record at Ontario Motor Speedway on what was, for all intents and purposes, a shakedown run. He went on to win four races with the car during 1972. Bobby Unser posted the fastest single lap and four-lap times at Indy, breaking the record by a staggering 17 mph, to and started in pole position.

With such amazing performance the car became very popular and AAR built and delivered 14 cars before the end of the season. At least ten more were ready for the 1973 Indy 500. The Eagle 7200 became the dominant model of the 1970s.

The machine depicted here is chassis #7217 which was driven by Gordon Johncock in the 1973 Indianapolis 500. The car was powered by a 161.7 cu in Offenhauser engine producing 750+ horsepower. The chief mechanic for the car was legendary George Bignotti.

The 1973 race season was a difficult one with the deaths drivers Art Pollard and Swede Savage as well as pit crew member Armando Teran. The race was delayed several times by rain. Gordon Johncock was declared winner after 133 laps when the rain came yet again on the third day.