Apollo 17 CSM "America" - "Homage To The Third Man"

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Every Apollo mission consisted of a three man crew; the command module pilot, the lunar module pilot and the commander. For those missions when the lunar module separated from the command module, the command module pilot stayed behind to man the command module alone. For the lunar landing missions the two men who landed got most of the attention but the command module pilot was necessary to keep watch and pilot the ship as well as perform important scientific work and observations from orbit. This print depicts the Apollo 17 Command Module "America" in lunar orbit but it is an homage to all the third men of the Apollo crews who stayed alone in the craft. They are David Scott (Apollo 9), John Young (Apollo 10), Michael Collins (Apollo 11), Dick Gordon (Apollo 12), Stuart Roosa (Apollo 14), Al Worden (Apollo 15), Ken Mattingly (Apollo 16) and Ron Evans (Apollo 17). Jack Swigert was the CM Pilot for Apollo 13 but he was not left alone because of mission circumstances after the oxygen tank explosion.