F-84F Thunderstreak - "Low And Fast"

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The F-84F Thunderstreak was an evolutionary development of the straight-wing F-84E. While it was intended to have 55% tooling commonality with the F-84E, the actual commonality was 15%. This, in effect, made the F-84F a new design. The first 275 units produced had some control and stability problems. These were sorted out with modifications and the F-84F became an adaptable and durable machine.

 The Thunderstreak was not considered a spectacular performer but it could out-maneuver an F-86 Sabre at low altitude. It was an excellent cruising machine. On March 9, 1955, an F-84F flown by Lt. Col. Robert R. Scott set a 3 hour, 44 minute and 53 second record for the 2,446 miles flight from Los Angeles to New York. 

Too late to join its sibling the Thunderjet in the Korean war, the Thunderstreak spent most of its service life during the Cold War. With 3,428 aircraft built, the F-84F was dependable in the service of the US Air Force, Air National Guard Units and air forces around the world. The last F-84F was retired from Air National Guard units in 1972.