Lockheed L-1011 - "Whisperliner"

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The Lockheed L-1011 was the third wide-bodied airliner to enter service after the Boeing 747 and Douglas DC-10. It was powered by three Rolls Royce RB-211 high bypass, turbofan engines with two under the wings and one in the tail. The tail engine was fed by an S-Duct inlet embedded in the tail. This was an iconic feature of the L-1011.

The aircraft was perhaps the most technologically advanced commercial jet of its era. It featured an advanced, fly-by-wire, automatic flight control system (AFCS) which enabled the aircraft could completely fly on its own from takeoff to landing. the most technologically advanced commercial jet of its era,  

Due to developmental and financial problems with the sole engine supplier (Rolls Royce), the L-1011 was delayed by two years before entering service. Eastern Air Lines was the launch customer for the aircraft. Eventually, 250 L-1011s were manufactured before production was ceased in 1984. One L-1011 is still operated by Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (formerly Orbital ATK). Known as "Stargazer", the aircraft serves as the mothership for the air-launched "Pegasus" orbital vehicle.