M8 Greyhound - "Reliable And Tough Thoroughbred"

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Produced by the Ford Motor Company, the M8 Greyhound is a 6x6  light armored car.  It was the only armored car utilized by the US military during World War II. There were 8,523 units produced. The Greyhound featured a 37 mm main armament with .30 and .50 machine guns. It carried a crew of 4 and could reach a top speed of 56 MPH.

The Greyhound was originally designed in response to the US Army’s specification for a new anti-tank vehicle however, the relatively small 37 mm gun and light armor resulted in the Greyhound being utilized as reconnaissance vehicle. The high speeds capability coupled with the quiet engine made the Greyhound well suited for this role.

On paper, the M8 Greyhound was no match for German tanks however, in the Battle of St. Vith, a Greyhound from Troop B, 87th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron destroyed a German Tiger I heavy tank. Using its good speed, the M8 crew was able to maneuver to withing 25 yards of the heavier tank and fire 3 rounds from the 37 mm main gun through into the Tiger's thinner rear armor. There followed a muffled explosion, followed by flames billowing from the turret and engine ports.

M8 Greyhounds were widely exported and served with some countries well into the 21st century. There are many Greyhound survivors today in operable condition.