Mysterious Black Triangle

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Black Triangles are a category of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) with reported sightings being recorded as far back as the late 19th century. Usually observed during nighttime hours, Black Triangles can be quite large in size and typically will have three bright lights at each point and oftentimes a red light in the center. Flight characteristics have shown the crafts ability to hover, make flat turns, fly at speeds ranging from very slow to lightning fast making sharp turns at high speed and the ability to rapidly accelerate. They are usually observed at low altitudes and are silent in flight and are often reported to be emitting a white beam of light or red laser from the underside.


There is speculation that these craft are a secret government project known as the TR-3B and utilizing an exotic anti-gravity propulsion system. It has supposedly been developed at area  S-4 by Lockheed and is claimed to have the ability to hover indefinitely as well as perform accelerations greater than 40 G’s.


Whether an otherworldly spacecraft or top-secret project, the Black Triangle remains a mystery and a source of fascination to this day.