Nord 3.628 (230 D 116)

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Nord 3.628 is a member of the Class 3.513 4-6-0s (230s). It is a de Glehn – du Bousquet compound locomotive design. The class first entered service in 1908 with a total of 149 locomotives built. The first 25 machines were built with slide valves; with the remainder featuring piston valves as well as being superheated. (The earlier locomotives were converted later.) The locomotive design also features a Lemaître blastpipe. The class were intended as mixed traffic engines however they proved exceptionally free-running and were found capable of hauling express passenger trains.


Locomotive 3.628 (SNCF 230 D 116) was brought to England in the early 1970s where it was restored to full working order. It was painted in the beautiful Nord chocolat livery. It provided passenger service at the Nene Valley Railway and was eventually sold to the AJECTA railway museum in Longueville in France where it is maintained in working order as an example of early locomotive compound technology.