OH-58D Kiowa Warrior - "Warrior Scout"

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First flown in 1966 and developed from the Bell 206, the OH-58 Kiowa was conceived as an observation and reconnaissance helicopter. The OH-58 has been steadily improved over the years filling the role of advanced scout helicopter in the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior.

Kiowa Warrior improvements include uprated engines and protection systems and a distinctive Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) containing a television system (TVS), a thermal imaging system (TIS), and a laser range finder/designator (LRF/D). The helicopter has the ability to pass target data from the sensors directly to precision-guided weapons.

With a single engine, the Kiowa is not considered a particularly powerful machine but possessed great agility and maneuverability. Kiowas proved time and again to be game for just about anything a pilot was willing to do with it. During operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Kiowa developed quite a reputation for being a real beast. Accounts of Kiowa pilots in action have become almost legendary.

A further improved “F” version of the OH-58 was developed but never entered service as it was decided to retire the Kiowa. At the time the decision was made in 2013, statistics released by Bell showed the OH-58 had collectively accumulated 820,000 combat hours with a 90% overall mission capable rate.