OV-1 Mohawk - "Armed Mohawk Mission"

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The OV-1 Mohawk is a battlefield reconnaissance aircraft that served with the US Army. The more glamorous fighter aircraft of the day tended to get all the headlines but the Mohawk performed its vital mission admirably.

Seating two, a pilot and technical observer (TO), a typical photo recon mission would see the Mohawk flying low level passes below tree top level. Sometimes the enemy would string cables at low level in hopes of snagging a low flying Mohawk. The low flying airplane made an attractive target for the enemy and an airplane would often return to base with bullet holes.

The Mohawk had a long service life and flew missions in the Gulf War as well as Vietnam. The Mohawk was generally loved by those who flew and maintained it. Although it was retired, there are still several air-worthy Mohawks flying today.

This print is a depiction of one of the armed Mohawks conducting a mission in Laos.