RA-5C Vigilante - "Unarmed and Unafraid"

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Used extensively in Vietnam, the RA-5C Vigilante performed vital reconnaissance missions. These missions usually consisted of a high speed flight over the target area prior to attack and another run after attack. The initial run was usually not too eventful however the second run after the attack was another story. The enemy was usually expecting the second pass and was ready with anti-aircraft fire and surface to air missiles. The Vigilante was usually accompanied by an F-4 Phantom II flying cover however the Vigi would routinely outrun her escort as she flew with a "clean" configuration and the Phantom was usually carrying drag inducing underwing stores. Here is my depiction of the RA-5C Vigilante making a high speed recon pass. The airplane wears the markings of RVAH-11 as they appeared during the unit's Southeast Asia cruise aboard the USS Constellation in 1971. .