RMS Queen Mary 2

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Queen Mary 2 is the flagship of the Cunard Line. She is the only ocean liner currently in service in the world. The ship provides regular service between Southampton, England, and New York City, United States. Additionally, Queen Mary 2 sails a world cruise annually.

At the time of her construction, Queen Mary 2 was the longest and largest passenger ship ever built at the time of her construction in 2003. Since that time, her size has been surpassed however she still remains the largest ocean liner ever built.

The ship is powered primarily by four diesel engines with produce 90,100 HP. There are also two additional gas turbines producing 67,000 HP which provide additional power as required. This integrated electric propulsion configuration generates the power to drive four 28,800 HP electric azimuth thruster type propulsion pods. The set-up allows for economical cruising at low speed but also has the ability to sustain much higher speeds when required.

Queen Mary 2 has legendary style and elegance. The ship features the first planetarium at sea. Passenger facilities include five swimming pools, fifteen restaurants and bars, a casino, a ballroom and a theatre.