United States - "Winning The Blue Riband"

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Built in 1952, the SS United States is a luxury liner  which sailed the Atlantic Ocean. Designed to also be used as a troop transport in time of war, the ships top speed was kept a classified secret. Soon after she was built she proved how fast she was capturing the record for the quickest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in both directions. Even in her retirement, the SS United States holds the Blue Riband trophy awarded to the fastest passenger ship to cross the Atlantic in regular service. Fabulously luxurious, the ship carried many famous dignitaries and celebrities in her day. A voyage on the SS United States was the trip of a lifetime. With the advent of commercial jet airliners, travel by ship fell out of favor and the ship was removed from service. Today the ship is in danger of being scrapped. There is a strong effort to preserve the ship by the SS United States Conservancy.