CH-54 Tarhe - "Superhook"

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The CH-54 Tarhe was designed as a heavy lift helicopter for the US Army. The helicopter was widely used during the Vietnam War for transport and also retrieval of downed aircraft. The ability to transport large, heavy loads quickly proved invaluable during the war. The CH-54 was a great performed and had a great ability to climb. On November 4, 1971, James Church piloted a CH-54 B in level flight at an altitude of 36,122 feet setting a new record for rotorcraft. As of 2019, the record still stands. The design still soldiers on today in civilian use. In 1992 Ericson Air Crane purchased the type certification and manufacturing rights from Sikorsky. The company is the world's largest operator of Aircranes. They are used for wildfire duties and well as heavy lifting projects.